Yoga with Resistance Bands Teacher Training

September 24 and 25, 2022

Create creative, effective sequences to help your students who struggle with physical challenges.

Dates :
September 24 and 25, 2022
Schedule :
Saturday : 9am to 4pm (Québec), 3pm to 10pm (France)
Sunday : 9am to 4pm (Québec), 3pm to 10pm (France)
Hydride formula : 
Zoom and In-person
Lieu :
Lévis Centre des congrès
5750, rue J.-B.-Michaud
Lévis, Qc G6V 0B1

Wow your students by helping them overcome their individual challenges using resistance bands. Get them obsessed with your playful, challenging banded sequences.

Yoga with resistance bands teacher training weekend

Learn how to incorporate resistance bands into your classes for creative, effective sequences to help your students who struggle with pain, instability, and proprioceptive challenges.

femme avec un bloc de yoga et bande élastique

You need more teaching tools:

You’re invested in giving your students the best information possible, but you recognize that the teaching tools you have aren’t enough to solve certain problems that they come to you with in class.

It’s not your fault. Bodies are complicated, and many of our students' challenges don’t have simple answers.

For example…
  • What do you do when someone has a sore shoulder or mentions a chronic SI joint issue?
  • How can you serve your hypermobile students who have no sense of the end range of their elbows or knees no matter how many times you cue not to lock out?
  • How the heck do you introduce effective pulling movements into class when your only options for props are a blanket and a yoga block?
femme et bandes élastiques

While you can’t solve all your students’ problems in a single class—nor should you feel obligated to—there is one prop that isn’t as commonly utilized in a yoga class, BUT works beautifully for helping with all of these challenges—resistance bands!

For students to “get” it, it’s not enough to see a pose or hear a cue. They need to feel it.

Resistance bands help you do this without having to apply hands on touch or as many individual cues.

Unique benefits of using resistance bands in your classes:

  • Their feedback helps your students feel muscular engagement and effort in the right places.
  • They stimulate pulling muscles effectively. Trying to stimulate the pulling muscles with bodyweight alone in a yoga class is…hard. Using resistance bands to pull against makes a lot more sense than pulling on your big toes. 
  • Bands can add challenge to poses that feel easy for your students AND make poses they struggle with more accessible.

Are you ready to:

  • Learn to teach with resistance bands for overall strength building.
  • Help students build strength, load tolerance, and reduce pain through exposure to the novel loads bands provide within a practice they love
  • Target major muscle groups traditional asana can’t target, like pulling muscles of the shoulders.
  • Help your students overcome movement and alignment challenges with solution-oriented touch and tension interventions using resistance bands
  • Couple banded strategies with skillful verbal cues to give students multiple ways to understand the movement through the combined auditory and tactile teamwork of words and bands.
  • Make challenging poses more accessible using bands to offload body weight
  • Dose your classes with thoughtful and creative application of banded resistance to make familiar poses and flow transitions new again.
  • Learn how elastic resistance fits into the wider world of resistance training.

This is exactly what you get when you enroll in the Yoga with Resistance Bands Teacher Training

About the trainer

Laurel Beversdorf

I know what it’s like to be locked into dogma. Initially, it’s satisfying, protective even, until that ideology stops working and turns against you. As a yoga teacher, there’s nothing worse than worrying about how best to keep your students « safe » and, in the process, feeling stuck and limited. It’s hard to realize that what you’re teaching isn’t really serving your students, because the truth is, it isn’t serving you either.

After 5 years of teaching yoga, I no longer felt inspired to create, but responsible to correct. I was showing my students what I thought was the « right » alignment instead of helping them move better. So I decided to step out of my comfort zone and break the rules. I studied other forms of movement and started to strengthen my muscles in other ways, which made me realize how weak I was.

It was then that I stopped teaching a set number of poses with precise alignment and started encouraging my students to explore the limitless potential of their bodies. I learned that the path of teaching leads us to ask better questions, not to seek definitive answers. It is an extraordinary way to study movement and the human experience, not because it guides us to unshakable certainties, but because the possibilities are endless, and never boring!

Join the live and online hybrid training

This online and in-person hybrid training can be taken live or you can sign up and watch the recordings. Starting September 1st, 2022, you will immediately gain access to 40 banded poses/movements that are organized as solutions to specific problems.

You also gain access to 5 BONUS 40 minute classes that emphasize the utility of a specific banded strategy in the context of yoga. All content, including recordings of the live training sessions are yours to keep and review for one year (after the last day of the live training.)

The expertise being brought to you in this program is backed by:

  • 15 years of experience teaching yoga
  • 10 years of experience training teachers
  • 5 years of experience teaching yoga with resistance bands and presenting courses on this topic for Laurel’s Virtual Studio and Yoga Journal
  • Laurel’s knowledge, training, and certification as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

But what if you tried using bands in your classes and it didn’t go well?

…maybe your students got frustrated after getting tangled up in the bands.
…maybe it killed the flow of your class.
…maybe the bands exercises just felt “random” among the rest of the sequences that you normally teach.
These challenges with bands are common. However, with the right sequences, band arrangements, and knowledge around how to integrate them into your classes, bands can go from a one off prop to the thing that your students beg you to include into all of your classes.

Wondering how to do this?

The Yoga with Resistance Bands Teacher Training includes all the tools and education you need to use bands effectively and seamlessly in your classes.

What’s included in the training:

Video catalog

A video catalog of 40 banded poses and exercises that solve specific problems, including how to effectively engage and pull with the hamstrings, back, shoulders…and more.

PDF manual

An extensive PDF manual of the poses and sequences covered in the training. It’s easy to reference as needed in the future as you train new populations.

Sequence examples

5 pre-recorded video sequences that model simple, effective application of resistance bands in a short class. They will help you get started and become confident!

Recorded training (bilingual)

Recordings of all the live training content, so you can go back and review everything once the course is over.

You'll also receive:

At the end of the training, all attendees – both live and online – will receive a copy of the recordings, so you can go back and review the content to implement it into your teaching.

Can’t make it live? No worries. You will get access to the on demand and live recording for 1 year after the training ends. The PDFs are yours to download and keep forever.

Teachers get 12 HOURS OF CONTINUING EDUCATION for Yoga Alliance.

Certificate of participation and continuing education credits:

Laurel Beversdorf is a certified Yoga Alliance trainer. Students who participate in this training will receive a certificate entitling them to 12 continuing education credits from Yoga Alliance.

Accessories required for Resistance Bands Yoga Teacher Training

  • Two yoga blocks 
  • One blanket
  • One set of resistance bands*

* The set is available on our online store and includes:

  • 2 soft resistance bands
  • 1 medium resistance band
  • 2 circular resistance bands

How the training is structured:

Starting September 1st, 2022, you’ll get access to all the on demand content, so you can review it at your leisure before the training starts.

The weekend of the training, we’ll meet virtual or in person for four 3 hour sessions.

SESSION 1 | Getting to know your bands:

Learn how to tie the bands, band safety considerations, and band arrangements. You’ll also get an overview of how bands help with strength, pain, proprioception, hypermobility, motor control, and variability within the yoga practice.

SESSION 2 | Streamlining your sequencing with resistance bands:

Streamlining your sequencing with resistance bands: Learn how to incorporate bands into your sequences, so your students get the benefits of bands without the frustration of class constantly starting and stopping. 

SESSION 3 | Effective cueing strategies:

Explore how to verbally cue in a way that simplifies the band arrangement and accompanying movement task while complimenting and enhancing the effect of the bands for students.

SESSION 4 | Purposeful application of bands:

Understand how to identify a variety of student challenges within the yoga practice and effectively and creatively apply band techniques to help them overcome these challenges.

Your investment

The Yoga Teacher Training with Resistance Bands is a bilingual 2-day (12 hour) training where you will learn how to develop more strength and proprioception in the practice you love so much, yoga.

Investment of

Regular price : $/€ 615
$/€ 475
  • (until September 15th, 2022)

September 24 and 25, 2022

Your investment

The Yoga Teacher Training with Resistance Bands is a bilingual 2-day (12 hour) training where you will learn how to develop more strength and proprioception in the practice you love so much, yoga.

Investment of

Regular price : $/€ 615
$/€ 475
  • (until September 15th, 2022)

September 24 and 25, 2022


Can I take the training at another time if I am not available?

Can’t make it live? No worries. You will get access to the on demand and live recording for 1 year after the training ends. The PDFs are yours to download and keep forever.

Do I need accessories to follow the training?

Yes, you will need two yoga blocks, one blanket, one set of resistance bands, consisting of 2 soft resistance bands, 1 medium resistance band and at least 2 circular resistance bands. If necessary, you can get this material in our online boutique.

I am injured or I have a condition X, can I follow the training?

The information presented in this training does not replace the advice or treatment of a physician or healthcare professional. Always seek the advice of a qualified healthcare professional with any questions regarding your medical condition.

How does the Zoom platform work?

To find out how to attend the live class, we invite you to watch this short explanatory video: 

What is the refund policy?

In accordance with the « Consumer Protection Act », be aware that we will reimburse you for the amount of the training not provided, less the administration costs and the costs related to the material you have already received (online access, manual, etc.).

How to receive the certificate of participation

To receive the certificate of participation, you must be present for the 2 days of training and actively participate. 

Is the training included in the Diva Yoga 300-hour certification?

No, because there will be no formal certification and evaluation process during the training.